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BEAR steps in to help Cubs (and Scouts and Beavers!)05 Aug 2016

BEAR steps in to help Cubs (and Scouts and Beavers!)

Freuchie Scout Hall lies at the end of a narrow lane off the main street through the village. The footpath had been deteriorating for some time, resulting in lots of muddy Cubs, Beavers and Scouts – and a muddy hall to clean after meetings. 

When the 15th Fife (Freuchie) Scout Group approached BEAR Scotland for help, they were delighted to get involved.   BEAR teams stepped in after being made aware about the lack of a suitable footpath to the Scout Hall in Freuchie and worked to design and create a new safe and serviceable footpath.  After a series of on-site meetings, plans and drawings, the work was carried out over several days in June, and the lane is now transformed.

Group Scout Leader David Gordon said “We really can’t express how grateful we are to BEAR Scotland for undertaking this community project. It will make a world of difference in terms of access to the Scout Hall, and will be much safer for all our members, especially during the darker nights in winter.”

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