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BEAR Scotland ready to tackle winter08 Nov 2016


56,600 tonnes of salt ready to treat routes across North East & North West


BEAR Scotland’s winter maintenance services are fully underway on the trunk roads it maintains in Scotland; with 56,600 tonnes of salt in stock ready to tackle the wintry conditions.  

Met Office yellow ‘be aware’ warnings are in place for snow and sleet across parts of Scotland including the Highlands, Grampian and Central areas, particularly on higher ground, from Tuesday 3pm until Wednesday at 10am and BEAR Scotland teams are on stand-by to tackle the wintry weather. 

A new, online 'gritter tracker' is now available on the Traffic Scotland website giving the public live data on the location of BEAR’s winter vehicles.

BEAR’s winter maintenance team will also work around the clock to analyse detailed weather forecasts and information from 86 roadside weather stations to ensure treatments are carried out as necessary. 

The forecasts and data are used to decide when routes require salt treatment on the trunk roads BEAR maintains in the North East and North West of Scotland.

There are 94 vehicles involved in carrying out precautionary winter treatments, patrols and snow clearance on the 2,448km of trunk roads maintained by BEAR in the north of Scotland. 

Brian Gordon, BEAR Scotland’s Managing Director, said: “We have over 180 dedicated, trained and experienced employees ready to deal with winter across the trunk roads that we maintain in Scotland. Our winter control room monitors road conditions on a 24/7 basis meaning we can act quickly to changing winter weather conditions.

“Tuesday night into Wednesday morning is likely to see the first forecasted snow and sleet across some higher-up routes in Scotland.

“As ever, we ask members of the public to ensure their vehicle is well maintained, that they pay close attention to local and national media and information to help plan journeys during inclement weather and that they carry equipment to help themselves should conditions deteriorate.”



Allow more time for your journey 

Listen to local and national radio for travel and weather information 

Slow down and leave increased distance between you and the vehicle in front. 

Be prepared when travelling. Keep the following in your vehicle:-

o Ice scraper 

o De-icer 

o Torch 

o Warm clothes including gloves and hats 

o Blanket 

o Shovel 

o Food & drink 

o High visibility jacket 

o First aid kit 


o Your tyres are at the correct pressures and have good tread. 

o Your vehicle lights are clean and working. 

o Your wiper blades are effective. 

o Your battery is in good condition and fully charged. 

o Your vehicle anti-freeze is the right concentration (Your garage can do this for you). 

o Your windows and mirrors are clear of ice or condensation. 

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