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Two pedestrian crossings proposed for A96 in Elgin at Dr Gray’s Roundabout and South College Street14 Sep 2017

Two traffic signal controlled crossings are proposed to be installed in Elgin on the A96 at Dr. Gray’s Roundabout on West Road and at South College Street.

Here you will find information on how the crossings came about, their benefits and detailed plans.

The A96 is the trunk road maintained by BEAR Scotland Ltd on behalf of the Trunk Roads Authority, Transport Scotland. The local road network is maintained by Moray Council.


Why and how we have considered the crossings?

We received frequent communication over a number of years from various members of the public and local groups, staff at East End Primary School, the school crossing patroller at South College Street and Elgin Academy Parent Council to investigate the possibility of installing traffic signal controlled crossings in Elgin.

These individuals and groups were concerned about the day to day safety of school pupils and members of the public being able to cross the A96 in safety. The school crossing patroller at South College Street reported numerous incidents of ‘near misses’ with vehicles failing to stop for the crossing patrol.

We undertook an investigation looking at three locations including Dr. Gray’s Roundabout, South College Street and also near Northfield Roundabout. The investigation included the following:

Analysis of the accident history of the three locations.

Pedestrian and traffic surveys were undertaken to identify the numbers of pedestrians crossing the A96 and the volumes of traffic on the road.

Three locations were assessed for suitability of a crossing point over the A96. The investigation included an assessment of the existing pedestrian crossing infrastructure and the level of conflict experienced between pedestrians and vehicles.

The numbers of children, elderly and disabled road users was assessed as part of the pedestrian survey. Key locations such as hospitals, public buildings, commercial centres and schools and colleges were reviewed to identify generators of pedestrian movements.

The proximity of cycle and walking routes to the proposed crossings was identified. In particular, the potential for providing future cycle routes to the proposed crossing points was explored. 

The assessment procedure for providing traffic signal controlled crossings is defined in Local Transport Note 1/95 published by the Department for Transport. This guidance was followed when determining the suitability and appropriateness of potential crossing points. The assessment undertaken recommended installation of traffic signal controlled crossings at Dr. Gray’s roundabout and South College Street but not near Northfield Roundabout.

See below link at bottom of page for plans, maps and drawings of the proposed A96 Elgin Crossings.


Benefits of the crossings

High levels of potential conflict between pedestrians and vehicles were found, particularly at peak times. A traffic signal controlled crossing will increase the safety for pedestrians crossing the A96 at these locations.

Due to the closely located cycle routes situated on the northern side of Elgin there is a real opportunity to incorporate the signal controlled crossings into future cycle routes in the town.

The proposed crossings will be ready to upgrade to ‘Toucan’ style crossings which would enable cyclists to use them.

By improving the provision of crossing facilities on the A96 this will help to reduce community severance and encourage modal shift by making walking and cycling a more attractive option. This could have a potential health benefit and potentially reduce the levels of car usage in Elgin.


The crossings in the wider context of Elgin

There are three existing traffic signal controlled crossings within the main town centre area of Elgin. These are situated close to Tesco supermarket, near the town bus station and a further crossing at Lossie Wynd. Two segregated crossing points are provided by a pedestrian subway near St. Giles Shopping Centre and a pedestrian over-bridge on Alexandra Road.

The two new planned crossings are situated away from these existing facilities and therefore add to the towns facilities rather than duplicating them.

The new crossing points will be ‘on-demand’ and will therefore only be activated and a ‘red’ stop signal be shown to traffic when a user presses the call button. At all other times the signals will show as ‘green’ allowing traffic to flow freely. This will minimise any unnecessary delays to traffic.

At the location of the South College Street crossing, a school crossing patrol operates. The traffic signal controlled crossing will therefore formalise this crossing location and result in less disruption to traffic.

At Dr Gray’s Roundabout the pedestrian and cycle surveys showed that these crossing movements were highest between 3pm and 4pm. At South College Street the numbers of pedestrians and cyclist was highest during the period 8am to 9am; and, We recognise that there is likely to be additional delay to drivers on the A96 and this has been carefully considered against the safety benefits for pedestrians and cyclists. At the South College Street crossing there are very high numbers of school pupils and at the Dr’ Gray’s roundabout there are also high numbers of school pupils but also a large volume of adult users, many of which are travelling to and from the hospital.

See below link at bottom of page for plans, maps and drawings of the proposed A96 Elgin Crossings.


Next Steps - Construction

It is proposed that the two traffic signal controlled crossings will be installed in the autumn/winter period of 2017/2018.

Works will be undertaken during off-peak periods, i.e. 9.30am-3pm to minimise disruption to traffic and the travelling public. Some elements of the works may require weekend working with diversions put in place.

We’ve already hosted a public information exhibition in Elgin Town Hall to discuss the project with members of the community, and initial feedback about the proposals has been very positive.  

Letters will be distributed to those in the immediate vicinity of the works before construction starts, detailing how the crossings will be installed and when works will take place. Information will be provided on social media feeds including the BEAR Scotland website and Twitter.

To assess the safe operation of the crossings when constructed, a Road Safety Audit has also been undertaken for the proposed crossings. The Road Safety Audit reviews the proposed scheme design to ensure safe operation by all road user groups.

See below link at bottom of page for plans, maps and drawings of the proposed A96 Elgin Crossings.


How you can find out more

Follow us on Twitter @NETrunkRoads for latest updates regarding the scheme and any trunk road traffic issues.

If you have specific comments in relation to this scheme then please e-mail them to

BEAR Scotland are appointed by Transport Scotland to manage and maintain the North East Scotland Trunk Road Network.

downloadBEAR Scotland A96 Elgin Pedestrian Crossings - Location maps and plans.pdf

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