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£650,000 urgent resurfacing repair programme launched for A8306 Feb 2018

Works commence from Tuesday 6th February


Click here to read about progress through the A83 urgent repair programme

Motorists using the A83 between the Rest & Be Thankful and Whitehouse are to benefit from an accelerated repair programme, as £650,000 worth of urgent resurfacing works are carried out starting in February 2018. 

BEAR Scotland, acting on behalf of Transport Scotland, are planning to carry out urgent resurfacing works on a sections of the A83, situated between Rest & Be Thankful and Whitehouse.  The route is being inspected daily and hundreds of temporary repairs have been made in the past two months.. This inspection and repair work remains a priority and will continue however it requires to be followed up by permanent repairs. 

Click the link at the bottom of this page to download a copy of the A83 programme of urgent repairs.

Following successful discussions with our surfacing contractor, we are pleased to announce that the programme for repairs will now commence on Tuesday 6th February. A rolling programme of work will be carried out in order to address the most urgent locations on the route. Work will be carried out between 7am and 7pm each working day.

The majority of work will be carried out under convoy working, however, due to restricted road widths at certain locations some work will require periods of ‘STOP/STOP’ working. Motorists should therefore expect some delays.

Emergency services will be able to pass through the works at all times. Access to properties within the closure and for local bus services will also be maintained at all times, although some delay is inevitable. The road will be fully open during the day.

Eddie Ross, Operating Company Representative for the North West Unit, said:“A spokesperson for BEAR Scotland said: “We’re pleased to announce we have successfully accelerated a programme of work to address sections of the A83 which have deteriorated rapidly following the harsh freeze and thaw cycle experienced earlier this month.

“£650,000 has been set aside to address defects specifically on the A83, with teams working to prioritise multiple areas across the route between the Rest and Be Thankful and Whitehouse.

“Some of these areas were identified for future surfacing last year and added to our upcoming programme of planned work, however sections have deteriorated badly following the huge impact of ice and freezing winter weather causing the road surface to break up and have been brought forward.  Others are new additions to the programme that were also impacted by the winter weather.   

“In the meantime teams are carrying out temporary repairs where possible, erecting signs to advise motorists of the uneven road surface in some places and carrying out weekly safety inspections across the whole network to note any defects.

 “Should anyone wish to report a specific defect on trunk roads, please call the Freephone number 0800 028 1414.”

 Real-time journey planning information can be obtained by visiting or twitter @trafficscotland.

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