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Ongoing programme of surfacing repairs to see £24M invested in North West Trunk Road Network25 Oct 2018

A major surfacing repair programme will see over £24M invested by Transport Scotland at over 200 locations across the North West Trunk Road network before January 2019.


Numerous sections of the North West network, which is around 883 miles long and includes over 2,400 bridges and structures, suffered accelerated surface deterioration following the harsh winter weather conditions at the start of this year.

An intensive programme of road surfacing has been ongoing across the north west network to repair the damaged road surface since the start of 2018, with approximately £24M in total set to be invested into surfacing works between January and December this year.

Click here for an interactive map of the planned road improvement locations for trunk roads in the north west of Scotland.  

These areas of accelerated deterioration formed following the break-up of the road surface through the repeated freeze/thaw action last winter where heavy rain was frequently followed by sub-zero temperatures.  Rainwater penetrates through the road make-up via tiny cracks in the material, then, as temperatures drop expands as it turns to ice which results in bigger cracks and a weakened road structure. Ultimately this leads to potholes and break up of the road surface.

Click here for more information about how the road defects form following the freeze and thaw cycle.

Details of the projects planned for the remainder of 2018, including location, programmed dates, timing and traffic management are included in our surfacing programme which you can download via the link at the bottom of the page. 

In addition to this published programme, specific stakeholder consultation will be undertaken for those scheme which, to ensure the safety of the workforce and road users alike, require road closures and diversions, as we appreciate that these can have a significant local impact. Our teams strive to carry out surfacing repairs as quickly as possible to minimise this disruption.

All sections of the network will continue to be regularly inspected and localised repairs will be undertaken as required.

BEAR Scotland and Transport Scotland wish to thank the local communities in advance for their patience during these essential works. 

Programme revisions and regular updates will be posted weekly on this page. If you require any further information or would like to comment on any of the proposed works outlined in the programme please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Should you wish to report a specific trunk road defect you can do so via Transport Scotland’s Freephone Customer Care number, 0800 028 1414 or through BEAR Scotland’s online report a defect portal.

Real time journey information is available from traffic Scotland on, the new mobile site, or twitter @trafficscotland.


Click here for an interactive map of the planned road improvement locations for trunk roads in the north west of Scotland , or click the link below to download a copy of the North West 2018 Surfacing programme.


downloadBEAR Scotland North West Programme of Planned Road Improvements 2018 30.11.2018.pdf

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