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Temporary traffic lights on A9 south of Helmsdale due to embankment failure23 Aug 2018

Temporary traffic lights have been erected on the A9 south of Helmsdale after a small section of embankment next to the A9 has washed into the field below.

The embankment is located next to the southbound A9 at Westgarty, around three miles south of Helmsdale, and runs into the field below and away from the road.  

Geotechnical engineers have assessed the site and extent of the embankment failure, and the temporary traffic lights have been installed for safety to help keep motorists away from the edge of the carriageway.

Teams are now working to design a repair for the embankment.  

Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative said: “We’ve installed the temporary traffic lights as a precaution to help ensure motorists are safe on the A9.  

“We’re now working to design a repair for the embankment which will allow teams to reopen the road to both lanes.

“We’ll work to keep all stakeholders updated as to the progress of these repairs.

“In the meantime the temporary traffic lights will remain in place for safety and we’ll continue to monitor the area.”

Real-time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on, twitter @trraffiscotland or the new mobile site,  

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